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In the era of the digital revolution, data and technology stand out as twin pillars in championing sustainability. Data allows us to pinpoint sustainability challenges and lead sustainability initiatives across the organization, while technologies amplify our capacity to drive meaningful change.

ESG data foundations

Data is the foundation for regulatory compliance. Data and technology help provide visibility into the entire value chain to enable data-driven decision-making across the organization. Product and service lifetime data is needed to redesign production and distribution, as well as nudge customer behavior as part of circular economy initiatives. And data fuels cross-industry or value chain partnerships to monetize handprint opportunities and minimize on footprint.

  • ESG data strategy
  • ESG data governance model
  • ESG/CSRD data & reporting compliance gap assessment

ESG data requirements & prioritization

We help define the roadmap for your ESG processes and solution needs, accompanied by clear KPIs and visually intuitive dashboards. Seamlessly transitioning to the implementation stage with structured backlog management.

  • ESG process & solution requirement definition
  • ESG KPI and dashboards definition and design
  • ESG implementation backlog definition and management

ESG technology / data architecture strategy

Crafting the blueprint for your ESG and CSRD data goals alongside a seamless solution design. We help you build an operational framework tailored for your ESG solutions.

  • ESG/CSRD target data & solution architecture definition
  • ESG solution operating model

Vendor selection

Navigate the complexities of finding the right ESG partner with our tailored guidance. From initial scouting to final strategy rollout, we've got you covered.

  • ESG vendor selection requirements
  • ESG vendor evaluations and RfI/RfP process management
  • Solution implementation planning

ESG capability implementation support

Guiding development initiatives with specialized ESG leadership and strategic framework insights. Additionally, we want to facilitate smooth transitions and collaboration through tailored trainings and stakeholder engagement services.

  • ESG PO support for development teams
  • ESG architect support
  • Business process implementation
  • Stakeholder management and training

Ready to get going?

Let’s ensure your technology landscape is set for a sustainable future

Juha Mertanen

Technology Practice Lead

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Juha Mertanen

Technology Practice Lead

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