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We are the creative arm of Impaktly consulting group, driven by a clear mission: enabling businesses to actively contribute to a sustainable future by offering circular products and services.


We explore the alternative paths towards sustainable future combining climate and nature scenarios, cultural and behavioral insights to identify where opportunities to create meaningful change emerge.

  • Scenarios for resilience
  • Regenerative opportunity identification
  • Ecosystem innovation

Customer experience

Companies are only as sustainable as the products and services they offer. CX encapsulates many areas where change is inevitable for organizations to transition into a sustainable future: circular products and services, fair and inclusive brand and accessibility and inclusiveness in digital and physical channels, and enabling making sustainable choices.

  • Vision for sustainable CX
  • Fair and inclusive brand
  • Circular products and services
  • Nudging behavioral change

Employee centric change

Transition towards sustainable future entails change in processes, roles, and ways of working. We help businesses to make change employee centric and exciting, providing everyone in the organization a starting point.

  • Purpose and values
  • Inclusive employee experience and processes
  • Organisational activation
  • Employee sustainability toolkit

Circular design

We work with companies to explore emerging opportunities for circular innovation and to find in inefficiencies in the current offering and value chain.

  • Circular strategy and business design
  • Value chain & material flows
  • Customer, partner and ecosystem insights
  • Circular product journeys

Looking for help designing your future?

Let us help identify and explore your unique business opportunities in tomorrows sustainable landscape.

Emma-Sofie Kukkonen

Design Practice Lead

Contact Emma-Sofie

Emma-Sofie Kukkonen

Design Practice Lead

Contact Emma-Sofie