Creating multiple paths towards one future.

The best way to predict the future is to make it happen – Impaktly is a regenerative growth agency propelling companies into a preferable future.

Our services

We help our clients craft businesses that last

Sustainability transformations
Fast-tracking sustainability agendas and strategies by applying a human-centric approach and amplifying business relevance to inspire, measure and activate.

Circular design
Crafting future scenarios, circular business models and designing circular solutions to drive sustainable, positive impact futures.

Ethical Business
Embedding human rights into business operations. Accelerating diversity, equity and inclusion by translating words to actions.

Impact Learning Academy
Coaching, classroom training and online classes on how to apply new tools, methods and processes to unlock the potential of your organization.

How we do it

The dynamics of working with us are different

We help our clients step up to the challenge, push for societal equality, respect planetary boundaries and build competitive advantages.

We don’t walk away with a brief and come back for a big reveal. We make the work visible along the way and think of exciting ways to launch outcomes.

We are co-creative by default. We work closely with our clients to bring the best out of their business understanding and our unique toolkit.

Who we are

Our expertise goes beyond consulting

We are experts in data-driven business models, product and service design and social & environmental sustainability.

It’s in our DNA to start with the humans. We help companies to understand what the mega trends mean for people and how they shift our values and behaviours.

Our network around the world is our eyes and ears. We have a global community of experts to tap into.

We work with
  • Strategy team lead

  • Antti Maunula

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  • Emma-Sofie Kukkonen

  • Business Inquiries

  • Monika Nars

  • Social Responsibility & Human Rights

  • Suvi Halttula

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