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What if your product could speak and tell its story to your customers?


Providing customers with information on the products they desire is an opportunity to strengthen the story of your brand and extend visibility beyondthe point of sales. With information on the content, provenance, and history of the product customers can understand its journey. Better choices can be made, and customers nudged towards them, by making sustainability impacts visible. In the best case, the story moves both minds and souls to commit to the product and the brand. 

Disclosing this type of information to customers, and investors and regulators alike, is not voluntary but needed to ensure the social license to operate. EU is introducing digital product passports to make reliable sustainability information available. It makes products’ lifecycle transparent fast-tracking sustainability shifts. The pass gathers a variety of information on products throughout their lifecycle from manufacturers, retailers, consumers, and others. The pass can enable better caring for products, extending their lifetime, and effortlessly reselling them. Also, re-use and recycling can be made easy and incentivised by the brands.

While complying with the regulation, such as on digital product passports, is obligatory for all, the next economy brands move far beyond. They reinvent business models moving beyond transactional customer relationships and staying in touch across the product’s lifecycle. They elevate customer experience and introduce incentives and rewards to help customers make good choices. They successfully leverage technologies and build partnerships to rethink products’ end-of-life and transform how business and customer value is created. 

We help you with discovering the sustainability journey of your brand and products, elevating your customer experience towards sustainability, realizing the opportunities of digital product passports, and strengthening the capabilities for the needed shift.