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Circular business design


As climate crisis and nature loss accelerate, our actions are increasingly put in two baskets: the ones that deplete natural resources and the ones that aim to restore and regenerate them. This calls for creating more business and customer value with less material: reducing their use while extending their value. This is what circular economy is about.

While it is the outcomes that matter, it is the inspiration for action that makes the journey towards circular economy successful. It is a joint effort with customers and suppliers and cuts through all business functions from strategy and business development to innovation and customer experience. Capturing the value of data helps in creating and managing circular offering that is loved by the customers but also has real positive impact; be it providing transparency on product lifecycles, sharing information on material flows in supply chains, or supporting clients in better decisions. 

The business case for hacking circular future builds on a variety of business drivers. Circular offering aligns business to corporate strategy and targets. Resource-efficiency provides opportunities for reducing operating costs. New sources of customer value can be identified, and innovative products and services created. Circular economy opens opportunities for engaging and committing customers and employees in new ways. it is not about producing and selling more but increasing the lifetime revenues and profitability.

We work with clients to design and build better business, products, and services as well as equip teams to deliver against the new requirements on the following fields:

Circular strategies
We create insight on alternative futures to identify where attractive circular economy opportunities emerge and translate them to circular strategies and business models to drive business and make an impact.

Circular products and services
We bring the circular opportunities into life by designing products with non-linear life-cycle, elevating customer experiences, and creating digital and physical touch points to circularity.

Enablers and tools
We set-up the toolkits for managing rigorous circular portfolios and capturing, managing and using data to support successful circular economy efforts.

Circular capabilities
We equip teams to deliver against the next era requirements. We are flexible with collaboration models and tailor it to needs and size of the team.